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    Submitted by Gail

    I was mentally unfit to raise a child or carry it to term and give it away.

    Submitted by Anonymous

    I am so thankful for Planned Parenthood and for abortion providers everywhere.

    Submitted by Darla

    My late-term abortion saved our daughter’s life.

    Submitted by Layla

    The right to choose should be every woman's right.

    Submitted by Alex

    This is one of the hardest things.

    Submitted by CHI CHI


    Submitted by Anonymous

    Pregnant, 5 weeks found out yesterday.

    Submitted by Mallory

    It's the unnecessary and inaccurate shame many women feel afterwards that motivates me to want to tell my story.

    Submitted by Rachel S.

    There I was in a "third world country" and I received a safe abortion.

    Submitted by Kelli

    If abortion had not been an option for us, I wouldn't be in school now.

    Submitted by Katrina

    I always wanted a baby....Then I got pregnant at 22 and I wasn't ready.

    Submitted by Anonymous

    Almost daily I think about how my life should be different.

    Submitted by Anonymous

    I am confident that my decision saved our relationship and our futures.

    Submitted by Anonymous

    I wasn't ready for that responsibility, I was still a child myself and I still am now.

    Submitted by Anonymous

    I do not feel depressed about what I have done.

    Submitted by Ali

    I never felt haunted by my decision in any way or wondered if I had made a mistake.

    Submitted by Anonymous

    If I did not have the strong support structure that I have with my family, I would have had an abortion.

    Submitted by Taren

    How can I regret something that has allowed me to have all that I am blessed with today?

    Submitted by Jessie

    A woman's right to choose is a paramount issue facing our society today.

    Submitted by Anonymous

    For better or worse my abortions changed my life.

    Submitted by Anonymous

    I have always wanted a family, but I knew my partner wasn’t ready and I didn’t know if he was the guy to have a child with.

    Submitted by Anonymous

    I have no doubt I made the right decision for my family and the children I already had.

    Submitted by Katie

    I decided to get an abortion and to dedicate the remainder of my life to being a better person.

    Submitted by JR

    Without an abortion, I would not have been able to finish my education or have a successful career.

    Submitted by Anonymous

    After all the pain from the pills have passed, nothing hurts more then when I think again of the what ifs.

    Submitted by Steph

    I regret putting myself and my baby in this situation.

    Submitted by EG

    My abortion was not a big deal except that it contributed to my ability to continue to have the life I always dreamed of.

    Submitted by Anonymous

    Yes I did what was best in the situation but I never wanted to make that decision. I don't know of anyone who ever has.

    Submitted by Anonymous

    So grateful to have access and options and to know that starting a family is something I get to do on my terms.

    Submitted by Kayla Lee Ann

    I felt guilty about aborting my baby.

    Submitted by Anonymous

    I am ashamed to say that I was in such shock that I numbly allowed my doctors and husband to make my decision for me to end the pregnancy.

    Submitted by Barbara

    I was treated with respect and compassion and have not experienced one moment of regret.

    Submitted by Margaret

    People tell me those who have abortions have emotional, guilty issues... but for me I have emotional, guilty issues of my own.

    Submitted by Wendy

    I have never had any regrets or and went on to have a normal pregnancy some years later. I am very thankful for my abortion, I believe my life would have been radically different – and worse – without it.

    Submitted by Rachel

    There was no question in my mind that having a baby would have been an incredibly selfish thing to do.

    Submitted by Linda Marie

    My only regret is that it was illegal at the time.

    Submitted by Small Town Girl

    No regrets--I felt mature and responsible. I had no illusions about what it would be like to have a baby at 17.

    Submitted by Anonymous

    I hate the idea of abortion, but I hate the idea that women could be forced to have babies against their will so much more.

    Submitted by Dolceneya

    I did not want to start graduate school pregnant. It would have been too stressful for me and my child.

    Submitted by Anonymous

    I think of my daughter and what would have happened if our lives had been connected to this monster, through a child, for life.

    Submitted by F

    I asked my 3 weeks old baby for forgiveness, but I didn´t wanted to submit her/him to a life of abuse from my parents or a life in the streets.

    Submitted by Victoria

    I wish I had been strong enough to raise my children.

    Submitted by Anonymous

    I was glad this service was available for me.

    Submitted by Zalexi

    I wouldn't have graduated had I not sought & acquired an illegal abortion.

    Submitted by Anonymous

    I felt a deep bond with my child, and I didn't think I had the right to take someone else's life.

    Submitted by Anonymous

    Now I'm 51, never had a child, but I have no regrets on what I did.

    Submitted by Jennifer

    If life is precious then that should mean the life you can give that child should be taken into consideration.

    Submitted by M.

    I cried every day... Completely scared, feeling alone, depressed and anxious the appointment arrived.

    Submitted by Julie

    I am sad that women still have to jump through so many hoops. It feels as if it is even more difficult now.

    Submitted by Carmen

    I had a safe abortion without harassment & support of my family.

    Submitted by Rebeccca

    I honestly don't know how I feel now about having had an abortion so many years ago. I do know it's all wrapped up in shame. Back then, nice girls didn’t have sex. Back then nice girls did not get pregnant.

    Submitted by Denny

    This decision was difficult enough -why did I have the added pressure of a deadline hanging over me??

    Submitted by Shannon

    There was no way to save the fetus and if it was not removed immediately the woman would bleed to death. The woman who already had two younger children at home was not in a position to die for her unborn child as she was needed to care for her born children. The woman chose the therapeutic abortion.

    Submitted by Kara

    Thank God I was early enough in my pregnancy that they could not detect a heart beat at the planned parenthood.

    Submitted by Anonymous

    I decided to give the baby up for adoption. I had no attachment to him--I didn't even know the father.

    Submitted by Vanessa

    I regret having put myself in the situation of having to have an abortion, but I do not regret the decision to do so.

    Submitted by Karlie

    I'm happy I had a legal way to have a simple medical procedure done safely.

    Submitted by Amy

    It allowed me to prioritize my life, my future.

    Submitted by Carol

    I'm so very grateful that abortion was an option for me when I needed it.

    Submitted by Rose

    It is her choice & I respect that.

    Submitted by Alyssa

    I couldn't bring a baby into this world knowing the baby's father beat me and wouldn't have a good life.

    Submitted by Louisa

    What was sad is that I wasn't in the position to want and welcome a child.

    Submitted by Erika

    I was just a woman making a decision about her own body and future.

    Submitted by Ellen

    I don't necessarily agree with abortion but I can certainly understand why we have them.

    Submitted by Kerry

    Having an abortion was the best decision I ever made, and I don't regret it.

    Submitted by Iael

    I knew I wanted to have kids with him one day, just not that day.